My skills


Hi! I'm Atti!

I am a user researcher with a masters in psychology.

In the past 6 years, I've worked on startup and corporate digital products.

Let me show you more!

4 years in a startup environment.

User and Market research for early-stage tech startups. Low-cost, high speed and uncertainty. I inherited a strong conversion and growth mindset as we were looking for early signals of business potential in all user interviews.


Valuation of companies


Still on the market


User interviews conducted

2 years in a Corporate environment.

User research and research lead responsibilities to support the design work of 5+ products at Vodafone Group. Quick turnadound rapid user testing and multi-market, high-impact studies to support product strategy.


Rapid user tests


Markets tested in


Stakeholders managed/project


Examples to show methodologies I feel most comfortable with. I'm more geared towards qualitative research, with a strong interest in analytics. The list is not conclusive but representative.

Click each example for a short description. Based on

Good UX is business value.

I started my career in a startup environment and helped build up million dollar businesses. The first thing I try to understand about the user experience is its overlap with business goals.

Continous collaboration.

Successful UX Research projects depend on input from teams all across the organisation. I make connections easily and collaborate with colleagues in scoping, data collection, data analysis and delivery as much as feasible.

Put it down in writing.

In my experience, all that collaboration and time spent understanding each other will evaporate if we don't agree on our understanding. When I feel "I really should send a follow up email after this meeting", I do it.

Bindr - What Do Students Lack In This New Context? (2020)


Haystack - Who Are The Users Of This File Filtering Tool? (2020)


Practice Living - How Might We Help People Cope With The Effects Of Lockdown? (2020)

image/svg+xml - How Might We Connect Corporates And Data Scientists? (2020)


Methodological description of an in-house user research tool (2020)


This list is not comprehensive, my portfolio is under construction :)